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Virtual Clinical Xchange
  • Virtual Clinical Xchange combines our unique services to provide the perfect solution for the healthcare industry: LAMBedism, LAMBpapersm, and LAMBsecuresm.
  • LAMBpapersm for Healthcare
    LAMBpapersm converts paper documents, faxes, emails, PDFs, and images into meaningful data that is automatically fed into your EMR or other internal systems. Our services transform the discrete data into the codes and values required for interoperability with internal systems and external relationships.
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  • LAMBmediasm unites LAMBedism, LAMBpapersm, and LAMBmobilesm as the optimum package for the media industry.
  • Electronic Copy Instructions
    Any network or station can now receive and process Electronic Brand Allocations and Electronic Copy Instructions. It will convert agency faxes or emails into data transactions that are validated against your contract data before being loaded automatically into your traffic system. A standard PDF form is generated for all instructions. This service will save time and eliminate errors.
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  • LAMBfinancialsm brings a unique collection of services, optimized for the financial industry: LAMBedism, LAMBpapersm, LAMBsecuresm, and LAMBappssm.
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